How I got the BOOKLOVER badge

As a Brownie I get to complete activities linked to badges. This is how I got my BOOKLOVER badge.


For the first activity I did, I made a list of 4 books that I have enjoyed and discussed them with a tester at Brownies.  The four books I chose were:

  1. The Boy in the Dress
  2. Billionaire Boy
  3. Awful Auntie
  4. Mr. Stink

The second task I needed to complete was to chose two more books by different authors, when I finished reading them, I talked about them with my tester. The books I chose were:

  1. Flora the Fancy Dress Fairy – Daisy Meadows
  2. The BFG – Roald Dahl

The third task I completed was kind of easy, I had to show how to care for a book. I did this by showing I could remove a book from a shelf and place it back again, that I knew how to store books and how to turn the pages carefully without ripping them.

Task four was arty, I made a bookmark for a friend or a relative. I chose to make mine for Daddy, I made him a bunny bookmark – It was very cute

Task five was to show how to use a reference book, including the contents and index. The book I used was my Questions and Answers book.

The final task I needed to complete was to know where my local library is and to know its opening and closing times. I also needed to make a display showing some of the things you could borrow from the library. I went onto the library website to find some answers. You can borrow: DVDs, CDs, Books and Audio books……. as well as other things!

And thats how I got my BOOKLOVERS badge

There were other tasks I could have completed. Instead of doing the things I did in task three,  I could have :

Covered a book to keep it clean or showed how to use a book sleeve.

Stella x


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