Wicked The Musical


In August 2016, as part of Kids Week, we went to London for my first visit to the West End and went to the theatre. There was a magical musical in store for my family and me.

We travelled by tube to Victoria Station and as we exited the station the theatre was right there!

Instead of walking straight to it, we were a bit early. So, we decided to take a little stroll around London. We found a BFG Dream Jar, the dream we found was Robert’s Dream!


Crossing the road and walking past the House of Frasier we stumbled across Hotel Chocolat! Stopping to whiff the scent of chocolate, we realised the time. The show was about to start!

We went to the Apollo Victoria and went inside, got some snacks and took our seats. As we walked through the theatre I was feeling nervous and excited, I was wondering what the show was about and whether it would be funny or not. I didn’t know what to expect. I knew it was about the Story before The Wizard of Oz but nothing more.

The musical was amazing! There was a big, what seemed to be made of Lego, dragon in the middle of the stage. Me and my sister were both scared when the dragon had red glowing eyes and started to roar…… she jumped 100ft in the air!


The story is about the witches of Oz and how they became wicked and good. The story follows two friends who meet at their school. Their names are Elphaba and Garlinda (Glinda). Elphaba meets a boy called Fierro and they fall in love, Garlinda is also in love with Fierro. The pair, get to meet the Wizard of Oz but the Wizard was not all he seemed.

It was a great day and I would love to go see it again.

Stella x


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