When I wanted to get my Computer Badge, I had to complete lots of tasks. I’m about to tell you about what I did to get it.

Task 1 was about safety. I need to show that I understood and knew the importance of the Brownie web safe code. I also had to show that I could follow this code when using the internet.

In Task 2 was about skills, I had to show that I was able to do all of the following:

  • Turn on a computer.
  • Start a program and create a document of my choice.
  • Show that I could save my work.
  • How to print my work
  • That I could safely remove hardware, like a USB stick
  • and finally, how to log off and shut down my computer.

Task 3 I had a list of 13 activities and I needed to choose 4 of these to complete. I chose to show the tester a game that I like to play, the game I chose was on the CBBC webpage and is called All At Breakfast. For my second activity I created this blog! My first post was about how I got my BOOKLOVERS badge. For the third activity I wrote a story called The Daisy Princess. For the forth and final activity, for task 3 I used FreshPaint on my daddy’s Surface Pro to create a picture of Harley Quinn.

Task 4  was about Uses. I had to choose and do one activity out of 7. I chose to find out about some jobs in ICT. I did this by asking my daddy, who works in an ICT job, about what he does and made a list.

So that was how I got the Computer Badge!

I hope you will continue your Brownies Adventure and have lots of fun earning badges using this blog!

Stella x



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